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The Second Decan of Aries

Updated: Mar 28

The soul of the middle 10° of Aries.


Welcome to the second decan of Aries! Before we jump in, if you want/need a refresher about the decans themselves, check out "Understanding the Decans" and then meet me back here so we can dive head first into this post together. Here's a quick overview of everything we'll be covering about the middle decan of Aries:

  • Planetary ruler of the decan

  • Descriptions from Ibn Ezra, the Picatrix, and Agrippa

  • The tarot card associated with the decan

  • An exploration of the decan's soul via Sun placement

Again, if you want to know the meaning of the decans themselves, what they are, and how they can be of use to us, then definitely read the first post in this series before continuing on. You babes know I like to teach from a solid foundation, so knowing exactly what the decans are and the rationale behind them will be important in interpreting them. If you're solid on the concept of decans, then let's get started with the planetary ruler of the second decan of Aries.

Planetary Ruler

We know from our previous discussions of the decans that they follow the Chaldean order. This means that the second decan of Aries is going to be ruled by the Sun. This is an interesting decan because the Sun experiences its exaltation in Aries. When someone has their Sun in Aries, it's already exalted, regardless of decan. But when the Sun is in Aries and between 10-19°, we see it experience exaltation AND be in its own decan. This creates a dynamic where the planet is an exalted guest in the kingdom of Aries and passing through its own land. The Sun in these degrees of Aries truly feels like a hometown hero returning after the war. The Sun is an honored guest here, and the native who embodies that energy acts like it.

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