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The Third Decan of Cancer

Exploring the soul of the last 10° of Cancer.

Welcome to the third decan of Cancer! Before we jump in, if you want/need a refresher about the decans themselves, check out the introductory post in this series and then meet me back here so we can dive head first into this post together. Here's a quick overview of everything we'll be covering:

  • Planetary ruler of the decan

  • Descriptions from Ibn Ezra, the Picatrix, and Agrippa

  • The tarot card associated with the decan

  • An exploration of the decan's soul via Sun placement

Again, if you want to know the meaning of the decans themselves, what they are, and how they can be of use to us, then definitely read the first post in this series before continuing on. You all know I like to teach from a solid foundation, so knowing exactly what the decans are and the rationale behind them will be important in their interpretation. If you're solid on the concept of decans, then let's get started with the planetary ruler.

Planetary Ruler

The last decan of Cancer is a place that feels like home. It’s warm, inviting, and can be extremely auspicious for anything pertaining to the lunar world. The last 10° of Cancer are ruled by none other than— the Moon. These degrees of Cancer are like a little bit of magic, especially when the Moon is passing through. Electional astrology places a great deal of importance on the placement of the Moon, and these degrees are an ideal place for it to be. Emotions and intuition come to life under this decan. Unlike the previous decan, where logic was part of the equation, this decan discards logic for pure heart, pure passion. Cardinal Water is ruled by the Moon, so this decan is like a haven for the Moon, as well as placements like Venus or Jupiter. Malefics may have a harder time here because they’re bound by intuitive waters. Reason and logic will not apply here, and emotions are subject to change with great frequency. The Moon is the fastest moving planet, so placements here will need to get used to the waxing and waning effects of these degrees.

While these degrees can house immense warmth and nurturing energy, they also include the full spectrum of emotion. Anger, jealously, resentment, rage, anxiousness, suspicion, depression, and strife also reside here. The Moon houses all of our emotions, not just the ones we like, so this decan can often be tumultuous and not for the faint of heart. It’s a very raw and real 10° segment. Any planet under this decan will need to get in touch with its emotional triggers and also embrace them in a healthy way. Processing emotions and leaning into intuition is how planets here will both thrive and survive. People with Mars in this decan will have a hard time asserting themselves emotionally, combating emotional manipulation, and resisting the urge to have emotionally fueled outbursts. It’s hard for the malefics to embrace emotion in a heathy way, so this decan can be particularly challenging for them, but bear a lot of fruit over time. The Moon obviously adores being in these degrees. But just because it likes being there, doesn't mean those harder human emotions go away. The Moon in these 10° will feel absolutely everything. The highs will be extra high and the lows will be extra low. A person’s intuition is unmatched in these degrees, but emotions may sway them from actually following what their intuition is often telling them

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