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The House of Psyche: Metamorphosis and Change

Updated: Jan 9

Discovering what metamorphosis feels like.


If you've been keeping up with the Love, Sex, and Eros series on the podcast, then you know we've finally made it through all of the Psyche signs. We've seen how Water Psyches are filled with oceanic depths waiting to be explored, and how Earth Psyches change themselves through changing the world around them. Now we're going to begin analyzing Psyche in each of the houses. Just like with Eros, house placement is crucial to understanding how this placement will show up for you and where you'll feel its impact the most. The house placement of Psyche gives us clues as to what sets our souls on fire and sends us on our hero's journey. Between the sign and house placement of Psyche, we get a really good look at what our souls are made of and what they're yearning for.

Using Psyche in Astrology

I've included Psyche in the Love, Sex, and Eros series not because she's a relationship placement, per say, but because she plays a big role in our relationship to ourselves. We can only meet other people as deep as meet ourselves. Getting down and dirty in our subconscious and going on our hero's journey is the best way (in my opinion) to work on and understand yourself. She's such a big part of Eros' mythology, and together they create passion of the soul, but as a placement she is more than capable of standing on her own. When we zero in on Psyche we're truly looking at what our souls yearn for. She's the hardships we'll face, she holds the keys to unlock the mysteries of self, and she's the metamorphosis of our karma into something fated and beautiful.

Not only does Psyche play a role in relationship to self, she also shines a bright transformative light on the world of synastry. This is one of my favorite synastry placements to look at. Where Psyche falls in the land of synastry indicates how the people involved will end up changing and shaping one another. To quote myself from the podcast, "it's the mark you'll leave on them, and the mark they'll leave on you." Psyche in synastry can clearly show us how a two people will dance with Fate together and what karma they're meant to ignite. We can also look at something like a wedding date or a business venture and see how the electional chart for the event impacts the people involved. Everyone and everything we come into contact with touches our soul, and we can see the implications of those interactions through Psyche.

Just as I said with Eros, Psyche won't be able to tell us about longevity of relationships. That job is reserved for Juno and sometimes even Saturn. When we approach our Psyche placement it's like we're standing on the precipice of Fate's intentions. We're staring down into the abyss wondering if we're going to make it back, just like Psyche herself had to. Understanding our Psyche placement is a little like understanding Fate's playbook. It's a way for us to begin untangling the threads of our souls and weaving them into the tapestry of kismet. I hope these house placements serve you well on your hero's journey and allow you to view the pain of transformation as the beauty of destiny.

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