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Using Planetary Days to Optimize Your Workout Routine

Updated: Jan 9

Dumbbells and yoga block on a pink mat.

I've been a meathead for the majority of my life. I've always been involved sports and I was even a powerlifter for a brief period of time. With Mars being so prominent in my chart, this shouldn't be any surprise. I'm always looking for a new way to enhance my workout routines so they keep my attention, and one day it hit me: I should be aligning the planetary day of the week with the body part I target that day. I've been doing this for a while now and I can truly say that I enjoy it so much.

Now I want to share this with you! In this post I'm going to go over the planetary days of the week and explain the workouts I tend to do that day based on the zodiac sign that planet governs over. I'll also try to give an array of activities to try out, because I understand that not everyone wants to lift weights or run all the time.

Monday- The Moon

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