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Updated: Mar 21

Welcome to the Moon Matters blog!

A misty moon on a dark night.

Hey there, homie! Thanks for stopping by the blog. The blog is a place where I explore astrological content that doesn't make it to the podcast. I also have real-time retrograde guides for each of the traditional planets. If you like my work and want to support me, please consider becoming a patron. You'll gain access to all this additional content, the Moon Matters discord, support the podcast, and more. Either way, thank you for stopping by. I hope to interact with you soon!

The Moon Matters Blog has:

  • Additional Astro content

  • Podcast episode expansion

  • Horoscopes

  • Retrograde Guides

  • The ramblings of your favorite astrologer

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1 comentario

04 ene 2023

I am listening to your rx podcast and I love it I too have marx rx natally in Gemini but in 7th house and it's opposing my Mercury and this rx has actually seemed pretty lax it's conjunct at the moment with my natal Mars and you're great thanks for your work

Me gusta
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