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The Fiery Feminine: Understanding the Power of Lilith in Leo

Updated: Jan 9

The Screech Owl enters the Lion's Den.


As of January 8th, 2023 Lunar Lilith officially made her debut into the sign of Fixed Fire- Leo. I released a whole podcast series where I talk about Lunar Lilith and what I believe her to actually signify in astrology based on her mythology and religious history. If you want a more in-depth look at that, you can listen here, otherwise I'm going to be going over Lilith in Leo and what that holds for us all over the next 9 months.

Lion on a perch

Regina George Energy

Lilith being in Leo gives me BIG Regina George Mean Girls vibes. She's settled in to feast on the energy of the Sun, our soul, Fixed Fire, and she deeply craves to be the center of attention. While wanting to be the center of attention isn't inherently bad in itself, the means Lilith will push us towards to get there are the problem. Lilith will be backhanded, hit below the belt, and will most definitely skirt around any rules or ethics to get what she desires. So how do we deal with this? What can we do to keep the Queen of the Shadows from taking control of the Lion's Den residing in our heart?

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