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The House of Juno: Marriage and Commitment

Updated: Jan 9

Learning about commitment and love-shadows from the Queen herself.


If you've been keeping up with the Love, Sex, and Eros series on the podcast, then you know we've finally made it through all of the Juno signs. We've explored the shadow sides of all the Junos and learned what it takes to create a safe space for them to thrive. Now we're going to begin analyzing Juno in each of the houses. Just like with Eros and Psyche, house placement is crucial to understanding how this placement will show up for you and where you'll feel its impact the most. The house placement of Juno lets us know what we're willing to put up with in a relationship, our deal-breakers, and what our shadow side looks like when scorned. Between the sign and house placement of Juno, we get a really good look at what we need to thrive in a relationship dynamic.

Using Juno in Astrology

Juno is one of the main Asteroid Goddesses. She's the queen of the cosmos along side Jupiter, and she presides over the sacred ceremony of marriage and the idea of commitment in general. Juno is so important to marriage that when I chose my electional chart for eloping I made sure she was extremely well-placed and happy. Having a union that's blessed by Juno is a union fit the Gods. She's a regal queen that resides within all of us, whether we want marriage or not. She influences our commitment style, what we can withstand in a relationship, our deal-breakers, as well as what our love-shadow looks like. Hell hath no fury like a Juno scorned. By getting to know our Juno placement we begin to understand what we need from other people. Eros tells us what we're attracted to, but Juno tells us who we settle down with, who we take seriously, and who we're willing to commit ourselves to in sickness and in health.

I think you could have guessed that Juno is great as a stand alone placement, but it's even better in synastry. Seeing how your Juno lines up with your partner's chart can tell you where you feel most supported in your union and what drives your commitment to them. The house placement and aspects Juno partakes in will be like a blueprint of the commitment. Having harmonic aspects with the benefics will bring sweetness and having harmonic aspects with Saturn will bring stability and firm foundations. Juno in synastry indicates how likely you are to stay, regardless of what the relationship dynamic is like. There will always be day-to-day squabbles regardless of how well your Juno synastry lines up. A happy Juno means your love-shadow won't be tempted to come out as much, but a bored Juno can be just as dangerous depending on the zodiac sign she falls under.

Unlike Eros and Psyche, Juno has the unique ability to comment on not just relationship dynamics in general, but also longevity. And I want to make it clear that just because you have a strong Juno, doesn't mean your relationships are healthy. Longevity and commitment are honorable notions, but if they're paired with unhealthy relationship dynamics that you refuse to address, they start to lose their luster. This is why the love-shadow is such a deeply rooted signification for Juno. She was committed to Zeus without question, but their story could be considered toxic at best. Listen to your Juno placement and learn what you crave in your commitments. Give yourself the love you deserve by honoring your partner, but also yourself.

A pair of wedding rings.

Juno Through the Houses

Below you'll find descriptions of how Juno can manifest in each of the 12 places. The house placement of Juno tells us what we need to feel fulfilled in our commitments, commitment style, as well as what pokes at our love-shadow. Remember to keep your natal sign of the house in mind as you read the interpretation. I'd love to hear your experience with your natal Juno, so feel free to leave a comment with your insights at the end!

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