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Eros Through the Houses

Updated: Jul 17

Exploring sex and passion styles through astrology.

If you've been keeping up with the Love, Sex, and Eros series on the podcast, then this is a much anticipated blog post for you. We've made our way through what the passion of Eros feels like under each zodiac sign, but now it's time to explore the houses. The house placement of Eros tells us the real juicy details about what and who we crave. It can give us insight to what we like in the bedroom and also what our "type" might be. I love relational astrology and this placement is one of the big ones for synastry. So, let's dive in and see exactly what it is that awakens your Eros.

Using Eros in Astrology

When we look at our Eros placement, we're essentially looking at what we find sexy on a primal level. Eros is the spark, it ignites the flames of our passion. It doesn't, however, tell us how to sustain that passion. This is why other placements like Venus, Juno, and Saturn are crucial parts of synastry. Using Eros alongside those other relational placements lets us see what will ignite the flames of passion, but also how we can stoke those flames over long periods of time.

If you're going to use your Eros placement to deepen your understanding of relationships, know this: Eros is all about sex. Eros is not what holds the relationship together. Eros is about desire, sex, lust, cravings, and passion. It's what can get you into a relationship, but it's not what's going to make you stay. Understanding your Eros can illuminate patterns in your romantic partnerships. It can show you self-sabotaging tendencies through your attractions, as well as characteristics you're seeking in others that you might feel you lack.

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