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Surviving Saturn in Pisces: An Astrologer's Guide to the Transit

Updated: Mar 28

Kronos begins swimming in gilded waters.


Writing this post feels both triumphant and foreboding. I have many people who are close to me that will have officially closed out their first dance with Saturn. I've seen people be transformed right before my eyes as I watched them almost crumble under the weight of Saturn's gaze. People have come and gone, reminding me that our role in someone else's mythology is more often than not, a minor role. Being able to observe, and in some cases take part in, other people's Saturn return is a gift in itself. I congratulate all the Saturn in Aquarius babes, and I welcome all the Saturn in Pisces babes.

Saturn has been in the Water Bearer's abode since December 17th 2020. Saturn is leaving its comfortable domicile of fixed Air and headed into mutable Water territory. To get a rundown of what Saturn in Pisces feels like and what Saturn expects while in gilded waters, listen to the Saturn Returns to Pisces podcast episode. This post is going to further expand on Saturn in Pisces by going through each of the 12 houses and describing what Saturn will be wanting you to examine during its three year stay. We'll begin with listing the planetary movement of Saturn, then recap significations, and end with an analysis of the 12 houses. I'll also be divining advice for each house placement from my tarot cards. Pisces is a mystic sign, so it only feels right to reach towards spiritual means to understand Saturn's demands.

Ingresses and Retrogrades

Below is a complete list of ingresses and retrogrades for Saturn while it's in Pisces.

  • Saturn ingresses into Pisces March 7th 2023

    • This marks the beginning of the Saturn in Pisces cycle

  • Retrograde- June 17th 2023 07° Pisces

  • Direct- November 4th 2023 00° Pisces

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