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Astrology and Career Paths: How Your Birth Chart Can Guide You

Updated: Mar 28

Finding our life path through the elements.


I find that people come to astrology for one of three reasons. They're either trying to understand their love life, they were introduced to it randomly and fell down a rabbit hole, or they want career or life direction advice. I had always assumed love and relationships was the main reason, but my recent podcast episode "The Astrology of Careers" made me think otherwise. People really seem to be wanting insight from their charts on life direction and what they should be doing to make a living. So, the big question is, can we see career or life paths in our charts? Yes. Our charts may be static, but they hold the entirety of our Fate, which is very much in constant motion. If we know where to look and what to look for, we can get clues as to what our life path will look like. Some people's chart are more forthcoming and literal, and some take a bit more finesse in finding what the true life purpose is.

This post is meant to be a guide or a tutorial on how you can work with your chart and unearth clues about your life path or career. I'll be using those terms interchangeably, because ultimately our career is part of our life path. I hope this post helps give guidance and clarity to anyone seeking answers or wanting to better understand their Fate. Let's get started and talk about the basics when it comes to using astrology as a career guide.

Astrology as a Career Guide

Do I think that you should base your entire life off of what you interpret from you I do think our charts give us amazing insight as to what our lives hold, but we shouldn't be so pompous to think that we know every single way a placement will play out. Two people could have a lot of placements in the 6H. One becomes a professional athlete and one becomes a health care professional. Same placements, different outcomes. It comes down to the fact that no two charts are ever exactly the same, and even if they were, there's still other factors that influence our charts. There's the synastry with our parents and the people we meet along the way. Our stand of Fate may look similar to someone else's, but we have to understand how they're woven to unravel the deeper meaning.

When we approach astrology through the lens of life calling, career, or life path, we're looking at a few houses in particular. I'll go ahead and say it now, the entirety of the chart matters, always. But when we're looking for something as specific as life path, there are a few places we should look first. The 2H, 6H, and 10H (or MC) are the heavy hitters when it comes to using astrology as a career guide. This is because these are the areas of our lives that represent our money and how we make it, our service to the world, and our reputation at large. Using these three key areas we can begin to build our life path roadmap. We should also consider the element of which our life path is rooted in. This will give more insight to the type of career or calling that would suit the chart. We'll get to examples of elemental life paths for each element at the end, but for now let's explore how to approach our charts when looking for our life path and the techniques involved.

A hand holding up a compass in the woods.

Approaching Our Life Path

Figuring out our calling or career via astrology is a tall order, but one we can absolutely fulfill. It takes equal parts astrological knowledge and patience. Remember, our charts are static in presentation and kinetic in nature. Behind every placement is a storehouse of energy waiting to be utilized, activated, and ultimately played out in the physical world. Our placements are both psychological and material. They live within us and are exerted around us. As above, so below. You get it.

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