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The Power of Perseverance: Lessons from an 8H Profection Year

Updated: Jan 9

A record of my 8H profection year for your amusement.


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Screaming skeleton.

It's my Solar return and there's a Mercury cazimi happening. With that influence lingering over me today I feel compelled to write about my 8H profection year. Not just write about it, but chronicle it in real time as it happens. The 8H is a mystery on its own; getting summed up as mainly "Death and Taxes". I've recently felt called to reexamine this house and I've started referring to it as "Prices and Power". I'm hoping this diary-style blog post will serve anyone looking to get info via real life experiences on the 8H, an 8H profection year, or a year where Venus is the ruler. I'll be updating this blog post as the year goes on. While I'm really excited about this project, I also know that I'll have to be raw and real along the way. Which that seems fitting for the 8H already, doesn't it?

The Basics

Before we start getting into the juicy stuff, let's make sure we all know what the heck I'm talking about and give some background on these concepts. Here's some definitions for the lingo I'll be using along the way.

Cazimi- This is when a planet is exactly conjunct the Sun. Instead of being consumed and destroyed by the Sun's rays, the planet is so close to the Sun that it's actually bolstered and empowered.

8H- This refers to the the 8th house and is just a shorthand way to write it out. You can write any of the houses this way, just change the number.

Profection- A profection refers to the annual advancement of the native's life. Each year the native gets a new annual ruler based on the house in which the native is currently in. This starts when we're born and progresses through the houses each year. When we are born it's the first house, when we're one it's the second house, when we're two it's the third house, and so on. We look to the ruling planet of the profection year house, where the ruler is in the chart and its condition, as well as the significations of the houses the ruling planet presides over for meaning of that year.

Solar Return (SR)- Our Solar return happens when the Sun returns to the same degree it was at when we were born. This won't always be on the same day that you were born, so be sure to double check if you're attempting to do a Solar return reading for yourself or someone else. The SR chart gives us an idea of what's to come over the next year and gives us the important players that we should keep an eye on. It should always be compared with the natal chart to complete the entire picture.

The 8th House- I already mentioned the 8H signifying death and taxes. Which is true! A lot of happenings that deal with finances of others and deaths (both literal and metaphorical) occur within the 8H. Both money and death are seen as sources of "power" in the world we live in. That's why I've been referring to it as the house of prices and power. It's a house that is said to require a sense of surrender. It deals with other people's money/assets and your relationship to those things, as well as death in every sense of the word. The 8H is a compost bin; the humus that remains after a planetary transit or a profection year will be rich with the experience of life.

Setting the Stage

Let's go over what my SR chart looks like, along with my natal chart, and see who the heavy hitters are and what patterns we might see throughout the year.

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