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I know finding a practitioner you can trust and vibe with can be hard. Feeling a connection with the person you get a reading from is important. We're trusting them with sensitive information and handing over part of ourselves to be analyzed through their lens. Since I know this process can be overwhelming, I've done my best to find trustworthy recommendations. Below is a list of actively working astrologers and tarot readers from various backgrounds and skill levels. They have no affiliation with Moon Matters and their practices are all uniquely their own.


Christopher Chau

Traditional Astrologer

Christopher has been practicing astrology since 2008. He's a lively and active presence within the astrological community and is a member of the Association of Young Astrologers (AYA). His practice is mainly derived from traditional Hellenistic techniques, although he does have modern knowledge as well. Christopher is able to view charts through a lens that allows him to hold space for deep psychological complexities. Along with natal readings, he also does solar return readings and planetary remediation. Find out more about Christopher and his work here.

Jules 1.jpg

Jules Dooley

Traditional Astrologer

Jules is a traditional astrologer and currently a student of Astrology at Kepler College. Their reading style is enhanced by their storytelling abilities via their time spent obtaining their Bachelor's Degree in Literature and Film studies. As a 12th house native, Jules is no stranger to the heavier topics that a chart can encompass, and is able to navigate them with finesse. Learn more about Jules and how to book a reading here.


McCalla Ann

Tarot Reader

McCalla has a beautifully rich and diverse background. Their degrees in Philosophy and World Religions, along with their time studying abroad in Italy, India, and Rome, help to inform their tarot practice. McCalla has been studying tarot and witchcraft from a young age and blends their knowledge from the fields of Kabbalah, Philosophy, and Folklore to inform their practice. While McCalla does not read birth charts as a service, they study astrology and have the ability to call upon that knowledge as needed. Learn more about McCalla here.