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Allyson, 27, Colorado.

January 16, 1996



⬆️ INFJ-T: Advocate

ADHD as all Hades.

Heyyo, I am intensely exploring my astrological, spiritual, philosophical, psychological, and scientific interests. No idea what I want to do or be in life, but always excited to learn what the possibilities are. I love my bearded dragon, Tunkle, and he’s half-familiar, half-paperweight. Maximalism and eccentric in taste, with a love of alternative and underground subcultures. Big of heart. Chaos of mind. And dumb of ass. Caregiving for the elderly during the day, and moshing my tail off at metal shows at night. What’s it all about? Life is complicated, chaotic, and intricately but mysteriously concocted; so, who knows but finding out is the fun part. Make yourself cozy and at home; don’t forget to pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Hang out with me and let‘s learn about it all together as a conscious collective. 💚🦎

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