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Personal Mythic Poem

Personal Mythic Poem


This offering is a blend of two of my loves: Poetry and Astrology


Upon receiving your birth data, I'll cast your chart and allow it to speak to me intuitively. This is less of me using critical analysis and more of your chart speaking through my writing. I'll write a poem based on what I see and hear through your chart. This is not meant to replace an actual birth chart analysis. Rather, this is meant to allow the chart's biggest themes, patterns, and overall energy to speak and be transcribed.


Types of Poems


- A broad overview of all placements and their collective energy. Includes the 7 traditional planets plus Chiron and Lilith.



- Focused on love languages and passion style. Includes the 7 traditional planets as well as Eros, Lilith, Chiron, and Psyche.



- Rather than describing a person, this is the personal mythology of an event and the energy imbued into it. It could be an anniversary, the start of a business, or any date that's important to you. Includes the 7 traditional planets plus Chiron and Lilith. *Date, time, and location of event is required*


Once you receive your poem it's yours to do with as you please. Keep it as is, have it re-printed and framed, whatever your heart desires.

  • Delivery

    Poems will be delivered via email in PDF format within 7 business days from purchase.

  • Disclaimers

    - Charts are cast using Whole Sign Houses.

    - This is not a chart reading. You will not receive a summary of your placements.

  • Gifting the Poem

    - If buying as a gift, please provide the full name of the recipient in the notes at checkout.

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