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Mercury Retrograde Guides- 8/23/2023

The Windex of astrological events.


Welcome to your Mercury retrograde guide, sweet babe! Here you'll find all the details of the retrograde itself, including the station dates, sign/degree of the station, and the astrological energy of the planet as a whole. You'll also find your personalized retrograde guide based on your rising sign! This guide is meant to help you navigate the retrograde energy and see it as an opportunity for growth. Mercury retrogrades are like using spellcheck. They give us an opportunity to go back and edit something we might not have gotten exactly right the first time. These guides are meant to be just that, guides. They aren't going to tell you how to escape the retrograde or dodge its influence. What they will do though is give you a better understanding of the energy at hand. I hope they help you to see retrogrades as opportunities rather than obstacles.

I'll also be including advice from my tarot cards in each of the guides. The card for each rising sign will further refine as to how we can make the best of this astrological event. So, sit back, relax, and don't fear the retrograde. I promise we'll get through it together. Also, "Rx" means retrograde and "Dx" means direct. That's just some shorthand you'll see me use throughout the post.

The Conditions of Mercury

On August 23rd Mercury officially joins the retrograde party along with Venus, Chiron, Saturn, and Neptune. All of this retrograde energy makes for an introspective time, and now that Mercury is involved consider it a time to inspect your introspection. Mercury will be in its domicile and exaltation of Virgo when it stations retrograde and will remain there throughout the duration of its backwards travels. Mercury being retrograde while in Virgo gives big editor-in-chief vibes. Inspecting your introspection will be important. What I mean by that is, make sure you're getting the most out of your retrograde opportunities. A lot of retrograde lessons can seem like inconveniences or roadblocks, but many times they're a chance to change course before it's too late. Retrogrades often give us a chance to get it right the second time or learn from a silly mistake rather than an embarrassing public flop.

Virgo is the sign of purity and perfection and embodies mutable Earth. It can seem like Virgo is uptight, but it's actually the most flexible out of all the Earth signs. Virgo knows to get things just right you'll need a few rough drafts and that practice makes perfect. This Mercury Rx feels like the pre-soak setting on the laundry machine. We're steeping in Mercurial energy and (hopefully) reaping the benefits from spending a little extra time on whatever Mercury is digging up for us. The house ruled by Virgo will feel the editorial nature of this retrograde. Virgo's mutable modality knows that nothing is ever set in stone and that we're constantly in flux. Virgo strikes the balance of being grounded while simultaneously morphing the ground beneath it through constant revisions of reality. Let Virgo do what Virgo does best, help and clean. This Mercury Rx is about seeing how helpful it can be to go back and rework something you had thought was already put to bed. Clean house and enjoy the serenity of a decluttered mind.

Below are both charts for when Mercury stations Rx and Dx:

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