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Mercury Retrograde Guides- 4/21/2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Take no bull as Taurus turns back to right wrongs.


Welcome to your Mercury retrograde guide, sweet babe! Here you'll find all the details of the retrograde itself, including the station dates, sign/degree of the station, and the astrological energy of the planet as a whole. You'll also find your personalized retrograde guide based on your rising sign! This guide is meant to help you navigate the retrograde energy and see it as an opportunity for growth. Mercury retrogrades are like using spellcheck. They give us an opportunity to go back and edit something we might not have gotten exactly right the first time. These guides are meant to be just that, guides. They aren't going to tell you how to escape the retrograde or dodge its influence. What they will do though is give you a better understanding of the energy at hand. I hope they help you to see retrogrades as opportunities rather than obstacles.

I'll also be including advice from my tarot cards in each of the guides. The card for each rising sign will further refine as to how we can make the best of this astrological event. So, sit back, relax, and don't fear the retrograde. I promise we'll get through it together. Also, "Rx" means retrograde and "Dx" means direct. That's just some shorthand you'll see me use throughout the post.

The Conditions of Mercury

While we may have started 2023 with Mercury being retrograde, this is the first full retrograde cycle of the calendar year. This retrograde begins on the heels of the double New Moon eclipse in Aries, so keep that in mind if things have felt a little frantic recently. Mercury officially stations retrograde in Taurus on April 21st and stations direct just in time for Mother's Day on May 14th. During these three weeks that Mercury is Rx we can expect a slow down in the area of our lives that Taurus rules. Mercury in Taurus is naturally a slow and deliberate communicator. Taurus is fixed Earth, which means this retrograde can be seen as a repotting. We have the opportunity to revisit something we previously planted and uproot it. Whether we plant something new in its place or take the seedling and run will be up to each individual to decide.

There's a finality to fixed energy that makes it feel like thoughts and actions cannot be undone. This is why Mercury in Taurus moves so methodically, because intellect, thoughts, and words can have a lasting effect. This is something everyone is going to learn when Mercury goes Rx in Taurus: words have weight. This could mean that things you have previously said and done might come back around. The Rx is a chance to draw a hard line. Allow yourself to go back and edit the area of your life Mercury is retracing its steps in. Follow fixed Earth as it gracefully unravels a web previously spun. Don't get caught in the trap of being too stubborn to see your own faults in the situation at hand. Taurus is Venus ruled, so there will be an element of grace and tact that is required to successfully see this Rx through to the end.

Below are both charts for when Mercury stations Rx and Dx:

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