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An exploration of the Capricornian romance between Mars and Venus


When I think about Mars and Venus together, the image of a Venus flytrap can't help but come to mind. Mars and Venus will be tangoing through the sky together until around March 7th, when they make their last exact conjunction. After that, Venus will slowly start to slip away from Mars as she regains full planetary speed and puts distance between them with each passing moment.

The Sign of the Goat

This celestial game of cat and mouse is happening under the sign of Capricorn. Let's examine what each planet behaves like when in Capricorn before we put the two of them together. Remember to keep in mind the house that Capricorn rules in your own chart while reading through this so you can apply the meaning personally.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so it's feeling on top of the world right now. Capricorn is naturally malefic ruled, so Mars will have no problem feeling at home when it's there. The innate tendency for Capricorn to be driven and ambitious suites Mar's agenda. This means we'll see an energy boost wherever Mars is transiting for you. Expect things to want to get done, even if you personally don't feel like doing them. Mars is going to force the issue right now because it has Capricorn behind the reigns, driving it forward at all costs.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus takes a slightly less aggressive approach than Mars does when in Capricorn (big surprise). Venus in Capricorn reminds me of statuesque beauty, being frozen in time in just the perfect moment, and the richness one can gain from a life well-lived. This placement speaks to the refinement of Saturn, mixed with the aesthetic eye of Venus. There's a synergy that screams teamwork and collaboration. It's not being afraid to call upon someone wiser, but also knowing when to stand firm on your own.

When Lovers Collide

Now that we know what these two stand for on their own, what does it mean when they come together?

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in Capricorn is just like the flytrap I mentioned earlier. It's unassuming and carefully crafted. Venus helps to settle Mar's ambitions by showing them that there's more than one way to get what you want. Mars lends Venus a hand by breathing life into every dead-end project or long forgotten ambition. The two create balance and show that brute strength can be beautiful, while also knowing there's power in statuesque stillness.

You can consider these conjunctions that Venus and Mars are making like little sparks of ambition. Every time Mars pulls away from Venus the energy builds, and when Venus catches him, "BOOM!" the spark ignites. For you, this may come through as a creative spark or simply a kick in the ass to get something done. Depending on what house the two are traversing in your chart will impact how you experience their time together. You should also look at any aspects that the pair is making, because that will have a large impact as well. You can think of any aspect they're making as a phone call directly from the two of them to the other planet involved. Let's look at an example...


Say someone has Mars and Venus currently transiting their 5H and they're making a trine to Mercury in the 9H. First, I know that this person's creativity and problem solving abilities will likely be getting a boost during this time. Also, if having children is anywhere on the menu, this would be the time for pregnancy, planned or unplanned. All of those 5H topics will be heightened during this time for this person. They're likely to do things just for the pleasure of it and possibly rediscover old hobbies. Now when we add in the aspect with Mercury in the 9H, we see their creativity and passion find a direct outlet. It's like Venus/Mars are making a direct call (and a favorable one at that) to Mercury in the 9H and explaining how Mercury could use all these amazing ideas they've been having to further their studies or scholarly ambitions. Maybe some super awesome travel plans get booked during this time. The point is, you're taking the 5H significations and melding them with the 9H via that Venus/Mars trine Mercury aspect.

You can do this with your own chart to see how the Venus/Mars conjunction is impacting you. Each day see where the pair is and then see what aspects they're making together. Who are they talking to? What's the tone of the conversation? How is the spark between the two of them being utilized? Ask yourself these questions as you examine your chart to deepen your understanding and connection with this transit.


I hope this helped to illuminate some of the nuances of Venus and Mars when they're together. Again, Venus calms the restless nature of Mars in Capricorn by giving the gift of stillness and diligence. Mars energizes Venus and pushes her to create sound boundaries, with herself and others. The two are on the same Sect team and play off of each other extremely well. Knowing where this energy is exerting influence in your life will help you to take advantage of it, or at the very least, tell you where the sparks are going to fly.