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A marriage of words and emotions under mutable Air.


It's time for your monthly 'New Moon Numen'. What is numen?

nu·men- the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place.

These horoscopes are designed with the astrological spirit/essence of the Moon in mind. It's not just a horoscope, but also a guide on how to best use the Moon's numen. New Moons are a time for manifesting, planting, and beginning. The Moon is at her darkest, and that darkness acts as rich humus that we can scatter the seeds of our desires in. New Moons also feel special due to the Moon being conjunct the Sun. The luminaries are together, floating in unison if only for the briefest moment. During that moment when the Sun and Moon are aligned we receive a spark, that if used wisely, can turn into a magnificent blaze.

Each horoscope will be a blend of two parts: The astrology, and how to focus that energy. The astrology portion is simply explaining what we're looking at and its influences. House placement, sign, and strong aspects (an orb of 2°) will be taken into consideration when assessing the Moon's numen. The focus portion is meant to further hone in and guide you using real life examples of how the energy could play out. It may not be the exact situation you're experiencing, but it will be in the same realm. Also take your natal placements into account when assessing the energy of this Moon. If you have a natal planet making a major aspect to the Moon, especially a conjunction, then the Moon will express as a blended energy for you.

The Moon's Numen

Can you believe we're at another New Moon already? I feel like this calendar year is just flying right on by. We're well into Gemini season and it's time to set our intentions for the next lunar cycle. A Gemini Moon in general has the potential to be very erratic. Gemini is a swift moving, Mercury-ruled sign that can change on the drop of a dime. When this is linked to the realm of the subconscious and emotions, that means we can see changing emotion or variability in what we'll experience when we dive into our unseen world. One meditation session can feel calm and cathartic and the next can bring up feelings you thought you put to rest long ago. A Mercury-ruled Moon is not only thought based, but also word based. Speaking your emotions gives them life and validity under a Gemini Moon. This also means that when we're setting intentions for the next month, we'll want to speak the into existence. Words are spells, so be cautious with what you cast during this lunar event. Sometimes words can get away from us, but that doesn't make them less impactful. Give weight to your words this New Moon and understand that your communications will guide how the next month unfolds.

The ruler of this Moon is also currently in its domicile of Gemini. This really doubles down on the significations of communication, thoughts and words creating reality, and swiftness of everything around us. The chart below clearly illustrates the elemental division of all the planets at the moment. We have a little Fire, a little Earth, a little Water, and a good bit of Air. We're going to have to tap into the element of Air to really understand this lunar event.

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