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Intro Part...

Image by Winifred Helton-Harmon

A Stoic Mind

Stoicism is the philosophy by which I live my life, so it's no surprise that I bring Stoic concepts into my astrological teachings. One of the big Stoic teachings is "Amor fati" which means "love of Fate". To engage with astrology, tarot, or divination of any sort is to dance with Fate. I view every birth chart analysis as an opportunity to honor Fate itself, a job I don't take lightly.

Image by petr sidorov

A Trickster Soul

I start every session with a student by saying "I'm not here to tell you who you are, but rather, illuminate who you're meant to become". Like any good trickster, I'll never give you the answer to something outright. Instead, I give you the tools of critical analysis to come to a conclusion on your own. This is your story, you're the Hero, I'm simply the wandering teacher you encounter along the way.

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